vaping falvours

Mr. Harris has accused e-cigarette producers of targeting teenagers with a wide variety of flavoured vapes. He argues that the companies are aiming to hook a new generation of smokers through this sugarcoated method.

The Minister has said they are doing this by focusing their marketing campaigns on children by advertising sweet flavours such as Tutti Frutti and Cola.

He contended that new research revealed that teenagers themselves believe that the vape business is targeting them specifically.

IPSOS MRBI carried out a focus group research among secondary school students and the consensus was that sweet e-cigarette flavours were not only designed for adults.

Furthermore, the students told researchers that these flamboyant flavours corresponded with the sweets and snacks that are popular amongst young people.

This study was sponsored by both The Irish Heart Foundation and the Irish Cancer Society. In addition, both charities are now requesting a ban on any flavours that might appeal to the youth.

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