primary care waiting list

Latest research shows that there’s over 120,000 across the country waiting for primary care services. The areas of eye, ear, nutrition and physiotherapy make a up a substantial portion are in high demand on this waiting list.

Fianna Fail acquired information that revealed that for 18,000 on this waiting list, it has been over a year of queuing for their medical needs.

The most prolonged area is Physiotherapy treatment. There’s over 37, 000 waiting for an assessment with more than 2,000 having been waiting over 12 months.

Simultaneously, people awaiting eye-related appointments have been in line for more than a year, on a list of 17,515.

Furthermore, dietitians were waiting to treat up to 15,000 people. In addition, 16,193 were waiting for appointments with the audiologist, while nearly 40,000 are due treatment for speech and language therapy.

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