mumps ireland

There’s an alarming rise of mumps cases in Ireland as new statistics reveal there have been nearly fifty people diagnosed per week.

Health Minister, Simon Harris has criticised anti-vax campaigners for influencing and spreading panic among parents, who have become apprehensive of taking vital MMR vaccine.

The campaigners contend that there’s severe side effects from taking the shot. Furthermore, arguing that there lies a link between it and autism.

However, the HSE, amongst global research and study has continuously debunked this theory. Nevertheless, vaccination rates have continued to drop below the 90% mark in recent years in Ireland.

If these numbers can raise above 95% then the mumps can be managed throughout the country.

Although the Mumps is not necessarily serious for children, teenagers and adults symptoms can lead to heavy complications such as meningitis as well as infertility in men.

Dr Suzanne Cotter, expert in public health medicine for the HSE stressed that the rate of vaccines needs to reach the 95% in order to protect those vulnerable to the disease.

Cotter reminds us that these are not only statistics, but people’s lives.

Highly contagious, the Mumps is a viral infection that generally affects children. The most common symptom is a swelling of the parotid glands, which are located on the side of the face..

HSE official figures state there were 2,472 cases to the end of last week compared to 573 for the same period last year.

The steep increases are stark all over the country, with the largest rise in the HSE East region, which is mainly Dublin.

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