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Make better hires with quality, pre-screened, targetted candidates

Online recruitment fairs have been embraced by savvy companies around the world. Finding the right staff is crucial to all employers, but recruitment can be a time-consuming and costly process

Healthcare Careers allows companies and recruitment firms to meet high-calibre potential employees from around the country, or indeed the globe, without needing to leave the office. We bring pre-screened, qualified nurses, midwives and healthcare professionals into an online platform helping you to find quality staff at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional recruitment methods.

If you are a big organisation with several departments across several cities or even a small business, Healthcare Careers Ireland is an ideal way to fill job vacancies across your organisation.

Make Better Hires

Healthcare Careers Ireland allows you to connect with a hyper-targeted candidate pool dispersed throughout Ireland and abroad. No matter the position you’re looking to fill, or wherever candidates are located, Healthcare Careers Ireland will help you find them.

Pre-screened, Targeted Candidates

HR professionals are often met with an overwhelming amount of unsuitable candidate CVs whenever they post on an online jobs board. However, with Healthcare Careers Ireland you only need to meet the candidates that fulfil your criteria.

You’ll give us a detailed brief of your employee needs and we will pre-screen candidates tailored to meet your recruitments. We give you the opportunity to reach qualified candidates in an efficient manner and connect directly with them during the event.

Save Time and Money

Our online recruitment events allow you to avoid the geographic, budgetary and time constraints of more generalised, traditional hiring events that keep you out of the office for days at a time. By joining a Healthcare Careers event, you find qualified candidates without leaving your desk. This significantly reduces your cost per hire, boosting your bottom line.

The set-up costs are minimal compared to a traditional jobs fair.

  • No need to print backdrops or company literature
  • No travel or accommodation costs for staff
  • Staff take part from their desks, reducing the amount of work hours needed for recruitment

Because all candidates complete compatibility forms beforehand, you only spend time with potential employees that meet your criteria. This saves you time, effort and work hours.

Enhance your Employer Brand

We give you the chance to show candidates why you’re a great place to work. Employers need to stand out to attract the right staff, particularly if your company needs to attract highly skilled and diverse employees. You can include informative content for candidates to view, such as current job vacancies, company information, testimonials and branding media. Put your best hiring personnel in place to manage your presence at our virtual recruitment fairs and find the right fit for your firm.

For more information about Healthcare Careers Ireland, please contact us at +353 1 215 0518 or

Benefits of Live Recruitment Fairs

Find out why our live, online recruitment events make sense for job-seekers and employers alike

Attract Great Candidates

Tap into the most efficient way to interact with experienced candidates in Ireland and abroad

Maximise Your Time

Plug into live recruitment sessions featuring qualified candidates – we bring the candidates to you.

Smart Questions

We match relevant, prospective candidates with your needs and introduce them to your HR Team

"We find Healthcare Careers very beneficial as a 'no wastage' recruitment tool. The quality of candidates is superb"
Kim Smith
Kim Smith HR Manager
"Very useful. I 'met' with the HR Team of ten of the largest companies in my field. I was offered three positions from the session and accepted one"
John Williams
John Williams IT Professional
"Superb.The whole process was seamless from start to finish and we collated our recruitment process for five senior positions into two afternoons"
Liz James
Liz James HR Manager

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